A TIMESIG-REPL object is a "replacement" TIMESIG object. They are used in the REPL slot of TIMESIG objects and in the FIXME setting, and are simply TIMESIG objects with missing OFF, PARTIDS and REPL slots. The use of these is optional. They are included for the sake of conciseness and to (hopefully) eliminate confusion.

Since this class is nearly equivalent to the TIMESIG class, no slot descriptions are given here. See the TIMESIG class for an explanation of all the slots. The predicate function TIMESIGP returns T for both TIMESIG and TIMESIG-REPL classes.

Constructor: (MAKE-TIMESIG-REPL &key :ID id :TIME time :COMP comp :BEAT beat :DIV div :PROPS props)

Copy Function: (COPY-TIMESIG-REPL timesig-repl &key :ID id :TIME time :COMP comp :BEAT beat :DIV div :PROPS props)

Predicate Function: (TIMESIGP obj)