Chapter 5. Settings

Table of Contents

Most Useful FOMUS Settings
Complete FOMUS Settings
Program Settings
Backend Options
Time Signatures
Plugins On/Off
Cautionary Accidentals
Grace Notes
Measure/Tuplet Divisions
Note Splitting/Tying
Alphabetical Listing of Settings

Settings are arguments or parameters used to pass data to FOMUS for processing. There are a lot of them, but only a few of them are really necessary for most users. The most useful ones are listed below--look at these first before searching through the complete list. Many of the ones that aren't on the most useful list exist to provide some way of tweaking output or turning various modules on and off. Setting values can be passed to the FOMUS function as keyword/argument pairs or bound as special variables, the names of which are derived by surrounding the symbol names with asterisks. All of the variables are exported symbols in the FOMUS package.

Settings that end in -MODULE allow switching and replacing various sections of FOMUS with other algorithms. The code for these modules is located in the modules subdirectory. Adding new or replacement functionality to FOMUS is done by dropping module files in here. The documentation here only describes built-in functionality--a complete list of modules to choose from may be obtained with the LIST-FOMUS-MODULES function.

See Initialization File for an explanation of how to modify default values for any of these settings.